ColdFusion Idol Worship

When I was a kid I idolized athletes.  In college I idolized musicians.  As a middle aged dude I idolize superior programmers.

Today I achieved something I am very excited about. ¬†I got a couple of lines (and one of those is a comment) of code included in one of Ray Camden’s projects at RIAForge. ¬†The project is GoogleCal. ¬†It’s a ColdFusion CFC for interacting with Google’s Calendar service. ¬†My tiny, wee contribution: helping to submit an “all day” event. ¬†It is such a small, small, small, small, small (keep going), miniscule piece of Ray’s project, but just to be able to contribute ANYthing to someone who gives so much to the CF community is freaking AWESOME.

Check it GoogleCal out here.

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