Nike+ Where’s my 1000 Mile T-Shirt?

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks.¬† I hit a running milestone on September 15th.¬† I broke the 1000 mile barrier.¬† My first run with Nike+ was December 27, 2006 (I got the running kit for a Christmas gift) so it took me a while to get there.

1000 miles with Nike+

One thing that sucks is curious to me is that when I broke 500 miles Nike+ offered to sell me a 500 mile achievement t-shirt.  At the time I thought I would hold out and get one when I shattered 1000.  Unfortunately though, that milestone came and went and I got no offer.  Does anyone know if there are Nike+ t-shirts for 1000 miles?

Incidentally I think the Nike+ interface is getting a little dated.¬† It takes forever too long to scroll back to old runs and I’d like to be able to do some more in depth analysis of my run data.¬† Help me out Nike.