Can a dropdown box be imperialistic?

usa! usa! usa! 

I¬†recently received a¬†request from a management member to put “United States of America” at the top of the countries dropdown list for our user registration process.¬† While this may seem an innocuous change to that person we do have a lot (maybe 1/3) of users not born in the U.S.¬†¬† I know it used to be popular to put the good¬†ole¬†U S of A atop of dropdown lists for its vast superiority “convenience” but it seems somewhat “politically incorrect” or “imperialistic” to me.¬† Any thoughts?

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  1. It’s practicality, not imperialism, right? If the largest number of users are coming from the country that’s near the bottom of the list, we should do something to help them.

    One nice approach that’s less self-centered is to take the most popular options and put them in a group at the top, sorted by popularity, then proceed with the alphabetical options.

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