Hide .lck files (and others) in Aptana on the Mac

I’m test driving the Aptana Studio plugin for eclipse.¬† It looks very slick.¬† Just a quick “how to” note for hiding files (like Dreamweaver .lck files, hidden system files, etc) in the project window.

  • Click the Project Window Tab
  • Hit FN+CMD+F10
  • Select “Filters…” in the dialog that opens
  • Check the boxes beside all the types you want to hide
  • Click ‘Ok’

Pretty simple.¬† So why did it take me an hour to figure it out 😐

ColdFusion Dying… Again

So I took some database training with Global Knowledge last week.¬† My office paid for the training.¬† Apparently that “back end” training may be all for naught though since my front end programming language is on life support.

Today’s Global Knowledge newsletter letter informed me (in very cheeky fashion) that ColdFusion is # 5 on their “Dying Technology” list:

“If any of these skills are your main expertise, perhaps it’s time to retrain.”

Here’s the whole article: http://www.globalknowledge.com/training/generic.asp?pageid=2347&country=United+States

The notion of ColdFusion being dead has been debated into the ground so I’m not going to belabor it.

IMHO, ColdFusion is the best thing that ever happened to me from an IT standpoint.¬† If you want to get things done quickly, easily and reliably use it.¬† If you are thinking of ColdFusion along with COBOL, Netware, Flannel Shirts and “Grunge” Bands From Seattle, and¬† you might want step outside your house more.¬† It’s not the mid 90’s anymore.

Via Con Dios, Geocities

Yahoo has officially pulled the plug on Geocities.


I learned HTML making my Geocities site. I would love to see that brilliant collection of animated gifs and snazzy javascripts, but alas, I cannot find it anywhere in my archives. Even though the site I had there was terrible, I did learn some of the very basics constructing it.

Although I had long forgotten Geocities I definitely felt a little nostalgic when I learned of its demise.  Via Con Dios, Geocities.

Anyone else a little misty eyed?