ColdFusion Dying… Again

So I took some database training with Global Knowledge last week.¬† My office paid for the training.¬† Apparently that “back end” training may be all for naught though since my front end programming language is on life support.

Today’s Global Knowledge newsletter letter informed me (in very cheeky fashion) that ColdFusion is # 5 on their “Dying Technology” list:

“If any of these skills are your main expertise, perhaps it’s time to retrain.”

Here’s the whole article:

The notion of ColdFusion being dead has been debated into the ground so I’m not going to belabor it.

IMHO, ColdFusion is the best thing that ever happened to me from an IT standpoint.¬† If you want to get things done quickly, easily and reliably use it.¬† If you are thinking of ColdFusion along with COBOL, Netware, Flannel Shirts and “Grunge” Bands From Seattle, and¬† you might want step outside your house more.¬† It’s not the mid 90’s anymore.

2 thoughts on “ColdFusion Dying… Again”

  1. I think ColdFusion 9 has put a dent in the credibility of the Global Knowledge article. Also, I believe Railo has the ability to acquire momentum in the small business market. CFML is a power player in Enterprise, and can become a heavy hitter in consumer facing applications with Railo. I hope it will regain some if it’s vitality now that Adobe is clearly investing more resources into the product.

  2. Coldfusion is not going anywhere. It may sloly move toward the cloud and morph away from a mainly tag based language, but CF is now just a layer on top of Java that we can all understand. I think that the only ones that know what will happen to CF are the folks at Adobe. Viva CF!!!!

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