Adding more resource navigator filters to ColdFusion Builder (Eclipse) Redux

There is a post at for how to add resource navigator filters to CFBuilder:

The solution below is similar, but does not involve accessing .jar files.

Step 1: Locate your version of CFBuilder by selecting “About Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2”.  Make a note of the Version and Build numbers.  For this post I am on Version: 2.0.0 and Build: 277745
Step 2: Locate the plugin.xml file in the com.adobe.ide.coldfusion.rcp_X.X.X.XXXXXX folder (Notice how X.X.X.XXXXXX corresponds to the Version and Build from Step 1):
Step 2: Locate the following section:

Step 3: Add a block like this for each new filter you want:

Step 4: Start CFBuilder from the command line.  For me on the Mac I execute the following command in Terminal:
"/Applications/Adobe ColdFusion Builder 2/" -clean
Step 5: Enjoy your new navigator filter(s).

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