Leopard has no love for Belkin Flip

I no longer love you

One of my favorite little pieces of hardware that is not an iPod or an iPhone, or anything else “i” is my Belkin Flip. It’s a handy little device that allows me to “flip” back and forth between two machines (including audio) with the press of a button. This little gadget has, or should I say “had” created a world of harmony for me allowing my pc and mac to share the same monitor and keyboard with minimal effort. Then I upgraded to Leopard.

I can count on one finger the number of times my mac has “crashed” in two years. Leopard + Flip = crash * every time you hit the button.

An email to Belkin support yielded the following direct quote:

“We are sorry to tell you that it is a compatible issue the Flip is compatible with MAC OS but since Leopard is the new OS.”

Hmmm… so… what exactly does this mean? How about a formal announcement Belkin?