Nike+ Where’s my 1000 Mile T-Shirt?

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks.¬† I hit a running milestone on September 15th.¬† I broke the 1000 mile barrier.¬† My first run with Nike+ was December 27, 2006 (I got the running kit for a Christmas gift) so it took me a while to get there.

1000 miles with Nike+

One thing that sucks is curious to me is that when I broke 500 miles Nike+ offered to sell me a 500 mile achievement t-shirt.  At the time I thought I would hold out and get one when I shattered 1000.  Unfortunately though, that milestone came and went and I got no offer.  Does anyone know if there are Nike+ t-shirts for 1000 miles?

Incidentally I think the Nike+ interface is getting a little dated.¬† It takes forever too long to scroll back to old runs and I’d like to be able to do some more in depth analysis of my run data.¬† Help me out Nike.

Kicks Retired at 350 & replaced by Nike Air Zoom HAYWARD

Nike Air Zoom HAYWARDRunning shoes last about 350 to 550 miles.  This mostly depends on the surface(s) you run on, your weight, and your running style.  Since I weigh a little more than the average runner and I run on asphalt and sidewalks my shoes are bald around 350 miles.  Today I retired my Air Pegasus in favor of a sweet new pair of Nike Air Zoom HAYWARD (pictured above). The Hayward’s run a lot like my old Nike Air Zoom Moire’s.

Nike Amp + gets me amped to run… no seriously

Nike Amp

I’ve had my Nike Amp + for several months so I’ve logged probably 300-400 miles with it. I’d say this qualifies me to finally pass my judgment on it. For anyone who has gigantic, hulking biceps that are too large for standard arm bands would rather just put their iPod in their pocket this thing is the shiz.

In a nutshell, I dig it. But rather than be Nike’s promo boy, here’s my list o’ cons.


  • You have to cut the band to custom fit your arm (rendering it useless to all your puny wristed friends). Come on Nike. You’re better than that.
  • The watch function is only available at the press of a button.
  • My wife tried controlling her nano with it for fun once and now when we run together it randomly controls both of our devices at times, which pisses her off. You have to keep explicitly unpairing them.
  • The clasp is prone to unbuckling.

500 Miles

While it may not be much for celebrity marathoners like Lance Armstrong or Katey Holmes it’s an achievement for an out of shape dude in his 30’s. So here it is in all of its glory. Proof positive of my 500 mile accomplishment:

500 Miles

Just disregard that it apparently took me 75 hours to do it. I think I need to recalibrate my Nike +. That’s my story anyway. If you are so inclined feel free to dig the certificate as well.