App Store Software – What the Description Really Means

I buy a lot of software.  A LOT OF SOFTWARE.  The following is my tongue-in-cheek assessment of App Store software descriptions.

Gorgeous / Stunning Graphics

We have a graphic artist.  We think her work is awesome.  Lots of companies have awesome graphic artists.  Many times they are pretty much as awesome.

Feature Rich

Our app is really complex.  We put a whole bunch of stuff into it.  Unfortunately the Pareto principle (80/20 Rule) likely applies.


Our app is really sparse.  We <3 Getting Real.  This may or may not be good for you depending on what we consider essential.

Our most awesome version to date

Our last version had bugs / was less than awesome.

Frequent Updates

See “Our most awesome version to date”.

Winner of the Blah Blah Blah Award

If it’s not an Oscar or a Grammy… well ok, if it’s not an Oscar be suspicious.